World development report 2016 Digital dividends - Washington The World Bank 2016 - 330p.

The World Bank’s World Development Report 2016 Digital Dividends documents many examples where the internet, mobile phones, and related technologies have promoted inclusion, efficiency and innovation. In many instances, this has allowed businesses to get more productive, people to find new opportunities, and governments to improve their operations. The payoff: faster growth, more jobs, and better services—what the Report refers to as digital dividends.

The Report also finds that many people around the world are yet to see the benefits of the digital revolution due to a growing digital divide. Digital adoption by firms in developing countries has been slow. Automation even of mid-level jobs is disrupting labor markets. And e-government initiatives have a checkered track record. The claims by many advocates of digital technology that the benefits of the digital revolution will automatically trickle down to everyone and everywhere have not been validated. [From the speech delivered at the launch of the report]


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