Arunatilake, Nisha

Explaining labor market imbalance in Sri Lanka - Washington World Bank - xx, 274p. 69-89 cm

(Chapter : 3)

Abstract: High unemployment among youth, mainly resulting from prolonged job search, has been of concern to policy makers in Sri Lanka for close to four decades . Numerous studies have explored the reasons for youth unemployment in the country and have offered several hypotheses that focus on job search behavior of individuals and hiring practices of employers . Many of these studies rely on household data sets , which collect information only from employers on availability of vacancies and their nature. We take advantage of newly available Jobsnet data, containing detailed information on job seekers and job vacancies , to test the validity of some of the existing explanations regarding unemployment in the country . Jobsnet data come from the information source of a web-based interface that facilitates job placement. Capitalizing on information available from both the demand and supply sides of the labor market, the study examines the excesses and shortages in Sri Lanka’s labor supply . This study also evaluates the usefulness of Jobsnet as a source of labor market information.


Central Bank
Youth employment
Labour market
Sri Lanka

CD - 122 (LABOUR CD3)